Which Ice Cream Suits Your BFF?

Celebrating our crazy, unlike-anyone-else friends this Friendship Day!

The day we all enjoyed as kids is finally here…Friendship Day! Think friendship bracelets, colorful bands, and promises to stay friends with everyone you know. While that part of our lives might have been left behind, this day is still special, and full of Insta stories, reels, and pics with our buddies. Although if you’re an adult who’s trying to escape the dreaded friend zone, this day is probably a little stressful! 

Friendship Day is all about celebrating every friend that you have- celebrating their quirks, their great qualities, and even stuff about them that makes you mad. This Friendship Day, we’re listing 10 types of friends we all have had, along with the dessert we think goes well with their personalities. This way, making your BFF-date plan is easier. 

How many can you relate to? Read on! 

1. The Cool Friend

Exudes chill vibes through and through. Style, language, attitude, everything is just a *little* better than everyone else. This friend is so cool that we can’t help being a teensy bit jealous, but we also love that we’re in their inner circle. 

Suggested Dessert: Super Duper Chocolate Overload Thickshake

2. The Gossip Giver

Always knows what’s up. They could be in the FBI- they’re that up to date about everything and everyone, especially your other friends! They don’t mean to spread gossip…talking about others and adding some mirch masala to life is just who they are. 

Suggested Dessert: Masala Guava Slush


3. The Jet Setter

Travels to a foreign country for a week. Keeps the accent for a year. This friend can make you laugh with their eagerness to keep their accent, or drive you crazy because you know that’s not how they talk! Having a conversation with them is impossible, but you enjoy it anyway. 

Suggested Dessert: Roasted Californian Almond Ice Cream 


4. The Tough Cookie

The friend who always shows they’re strong and tough, but you know they’re a sweet cookie on the inside! It can be difficult to break through their shell, but once you do, this is the most precious friend you have. 

Suggested Dessert: Choco Break Sundae

5. The Parent Trap

The friend who’s not a friend, but almost a parent to you. You need to check with them before making any bad decisions, because you know you’ll never hear the end of it otherwise! But in all seriousness, this friend balances your quirks, and is your support through anything and everything. 

Suggested Dessert: Honey Nut Crunch Ice Cream


6. The Nutty Professor 

Talking to them feels like KBC, because they’re not only frighteningly intelligent themselves, but they’ve made it their mission to make you just as smart too! They can explain the entire syllabus to you 15 minutes before the exam, and without them, no Pappu could ever pass. 

Suggested Dessert: Nutty Professor Sundae 


7. The Moral Compass 

What’s right and what’s wrong comes from this friend. You know you could never find yourself in a gray area, because this friend is your moral compass, ready to always help you make the right choice! And just in case you ignore their advice, be ready for them to burst like a volcano. 

Suggested Dessert: Choco Lava Cake Sundae 


8. The Clown

We don’t think we need an explanation for this, because this childlike, hilarious friend is all about making you laugh with their antics! No matter what your mood, you can rest assured that they’ll always turn that frown upside down. 

Suggested Dessert: Super Duper Cotton Candy Thickshake


9. The Lazy Friend

The person who backs out of every plan at the last minute because they’d just rather laze around and do nothing. At work, they’re the first ones to take a break. Ngl, it’s fun being with them every now and then, because it’s fun to just relax and do nothing. Unless you have deadlines!

Suggested Dessert: KitKat Ice Cream Cake 


10. The Time Machine

The friend who remembers every single thing from your friendship…old memories and even embarrassing instances about you from your childhood. Revisiting the past with this friend is always sweet, sometimes embarrassing, and colorful. 

Suggested Dessert: Kala Khatta Slush 

So many friends, so many desserts to celebrate them with. Head to Baskin Robbins on Friendship Day and party it up with your buddies! Alternatively, you can also order everything we mentioned above on Swiggy and Zomato. 

Happy Friendship Day!