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Baskin Robbins India is a leading name in the ice cream industry. We are known for the highest standards of quality- all our products are made using premium ingredients, and are 100% vegetarian.

We are present in prime locations across more than 200 cities in India, with over 750 exclusive Baskin Robbins stores.

Why should you pick Baskin Robbins?

  • Be a part of the global Baskin Robbins brand.
  • Run an exciting ice cream store with over 31 premium flavours.
  • Become one of our happy franchisees!
  • Have a successful business that gives you good returns, goodwill, and great status.

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What Our Franchisees Say

Shees Gazdar


Franchisee since 20 years

I’ve been a part of the Baskin Robbins family for 20 years. I currently own 24 stores across Mumbai,
and aim to open 7 more. Baskin Robbins India has always looked after me…with their support, I was
able to open an outlet even during the Covid-19 restrictions!

Utsav Dwivedi

Pan India

Franchisee since 3 years

In just 3 short years, Baskin Robbins has helped me expand my franchise business across the country.
I am so happy to say that I currently own seven outlets in 5 different cities in India!

Rakesh Khismatrao

Navi Mumbai

Franchisee since 8 years

In 8 years of association with Baskin Robbins, I’ve opened multiple BR stores in Navi Mumbai. The
Baskin Robbins family has helped me grow the business with new and innovative ideas. I look
forward to see what this journey continues to bring!

Leena Vijay Markaad


Franchisee since 2 years

I’ve always wanted to open my own Baskin Robbins store…it was a childhood dream! This dream
came true when I opened my first BR parlour in a great location in Pune. Baskin Robbins gave me the
confidence to expand, and in the next seven months, I opened multiple stores across Pune. It’s been
two years now and everyday just gets better.