Signs That Ice Cream Is Your First Love

Signs That Ice Cream Is Your First Love

Some may call it an addiction, but at Baskin Robbins, we call it true love. There are a lot of things in life that will let you down- your grades, your job and even your partner. If there’s one thing that never lets you down- it is ice cream. If your day is incomplete without ice cream and all you want to do is come home to a tub of frozen goodness, then chances are you are in a relationship with ice cream. Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes but if it is in the form of an ice cream tub for you, you’re a true ice cream lover. Read on to know signs that ice cream is your first love.


1. You never share your ice cream

Ice cream tastes even better when shared. If you believe in the joy of sharing but simply cannot share your frozen treat, it proves that ice cream is truly your first love. At Baskin Robbins, we feel it is okay to be possessive in your relationship with ice cream. It is true love like no other. So scoop up some Baskin Robbins Very Berry Strawberry ice cream and treat yourself to unlimited happyness.


2. You’ve had ice cream for breakfast

Very few people would admit that they’ve gorged on ice cream for breakfast. However, if you have, you’re every bit proving that ice cream is your one true love. Ice cream for breakfast is every child’s dream come true. Baskin Robbins helps you to fulfil this fantasy even while adulting. Ditch your cup of coffee for the Baskin Robbins Coffee ice cream for a happy start to the day.

Chocolate Mousse Royale

3. You Believe In the power of the ice cream

Do you believe in the healing powers of ice cream? If your go-to antidote for a stressful day or nasty breakup is ice cream then you definitely do believe that it has magical healing powers.

So go ahead and forget all the problems in the world with a scoop of the Baskin Robbins Bavarian Chocolate ice cream.

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