Ice Cream Flavours You Need In Your Life

Ice Cream Flavours You Need In Your Life

Baskin Robbins has played matchmaker many a times. Some of our heroic love stories include that of the Baskin Robbins Strawberry Banana ice cream and Baskin Robbins Pralines & Cream. This time, it is a love triangle between three friends. Trust us, these are some ice cream flavours you need in your life for limitless happyness!

Once upon a time, in the land of Icy Cold, there were three close friends, Vanilla, Strawberry & Mango.

The three of them had strikingly different personalities. Let’s start off with Plain Jane Vanilla, who was timid & shy and her best friend, Stylish Strawberry was quite the eye candy with her pink frills. Cool Mango was the coolest and most popular amongst his friends.


It was quite the love triangle. Strawberry had a crush on Mango. However, Mango had his eyes on Vanilla. One fine day, Stylish Strawberry asked Cool Mango out on a date. The night was young & the starlit sky made the sight seem straight out of a fairytale. However, what followed was anything but a fairytale. It was quite drab and tart.

Strawberry stumbled upon Vanilla’s diary and found out about her love for Mango. Being the sweet heart that she is, the rest is history. She set them up on a cold, breezy night. Sparks flew between them and one snow cone after another, they started falling for each other. Vanilla & Mango made quite a dreamy, darling couple.


At Baskin Robbins, we offer you the Very Berry Strawberry, Vanilla & Alphonso Gold. Divulge yourself in the flavours of rich vanilla beans & juicy mangoes or lush strawberries. Try the Baskin Robbins Vanilla with the other two distinct flavours for a rich, velvety treat.

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