Hot Chocolate With A Frozen Twist

Hot Chocolate With A Frozen Twist

Most of us love treating ourselves to a hot, piping cup of hot chocolate during the winter, don’t we? At Baskin Robbins, we have a way to make hot chocolate even better. Meet the greatest thing to happen to you this winter – hot chocolate ice cream floats! One sip of this magical potion will transport you to the land of unlimited happyness!

1. Mint Infused Hot Chocolate

Mint – Chocolate Fudgy Cookie Sandwiches

Mint and chocolate are a combination made in dessert heaven. Let’s give regular hot chocolate an upgrade with a scoop of the Baskin Robbins Mint Milk chocolate. If you want to make it even more indulgent, add some semi-sweet chocolate chips and a dollop of fresh whipped cream and sip away!

2. The Perfect Mocha


Nothing beats the taste of chocolate combined with coffee. The rich taste of the Baskin Robbins Coffee ice cream is a treat to your taste buds and the smell is just heavenly! This frothy goodness is the perfect treat for all the coffee lovers.

3. The Vanilla Wonder

Bring some yin to your yang with some Baskin Robbins Vanilla ice cream to go with your hot chocolate. The sweetness of the vanilla complements the flavor of the hot chocolate perfectly. What are you waiting for? Happyness is only a sip away!

4. Chocoberry Love

Baskin Robbins Choco-Berry Love

Are you a fruit fanatic? The Baskin Robbins Chocoberry Love ice cream will instantly transform your cup of hot chocolate into a dreamy treat that your family will warm up to! We bet you’ll be falling in love with this unique combination of luscious raspberries and decadent, rich chocolate.

5. Mississippi Mud Heaven

Chocolate Mousse Royale

What makes hot chocolate even better? More chocolate. Any true chocolate lover will agree with us. Give yourself a treat and indulge in some warm hot chocolate with an icy scoop of the Baskin Robbins Mississippi Mud for true happyness!

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Features Image Source: Cooky