Frozen History: The First Ice Cream Flavours To Have Emerged

Frozen History: The First Ice Cream Flavours To Have Emerged

Have you ever pondered on a scoop of ice cream and wondered which was the first ice cream flavour ever invented? Food historians have been of the opinion that the history of ice cream begins with flavoured ices. What we eat now has no resemblance to what ice cream used to be. Come join us as we have a look at the first ice cream flavours that emerged.

1. The Evolution of Ice Cream

Ice cream was never really invented. It simply evolved over the years. The origins of this frozen wonder are known to date back to the 2nd century B.C. Biblical references suggest that King Solomon enjoyed iced drinks during harvest season. Alexander the Great was fond of iced drinks flavoured with wine or honey.

Before there was ice cream, there had to be ice! In ancient Rome, Emperor Nero’s men trekked mountains and crossed frozen rivers in search of a prized treasure: ice. Blocks of ice were stored in pits and remained frozen for months. The emperor enjoyed his ice with fruits and honey.

2. The Orange Blossom Ice Cream

In the 1700’s, King Charles would often feature a dish at his feasts referred to as “Cream Ice”. The recipe was kept a royal secret but eventually became public when Grace Countess Granville leaked it and directed the cooks to add ‘orange flower water’ to it. Hence, the first ice cream flavour ever was orange blossom!

3. Chocolate Ice Cream

Can you believe that chocolate ice cream was one of the first ice cream flavours to be introduced? Iced drinks were becoming quite popular amongst the elite. When the Spaniards took over Central America, they adopted the Mayan chocolate drink. Initially flavoured with chilli and vanilla, it proved that you were extremely wealthy as it was similar to drinking your wealth since the Mayans used cacao beans as money.

4. Vanilla Ice Cream

Most people believe that the vanilla ice cream was invented before chocolate. Vanilla was used as an additive in chocolate ice cream and made its way to becoming a stand-alone flavour in France. Milk was flavoured with vanilla beans and then frozen. This creamy treat was enjoyed only by the elite.

5. Ice Cream Today

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