For All The Sweet Toothed: The Ultimate Way To Netflix And Chill

For All The Sweet Toothed: The Ultimate Way To Netflix And Chill

At Baskin Robbins, when we say Netflix and chill, we mean Netflix and ice cream. Why not make movie night better than it actually is? Netflix and ice cream is so much ‘cooler’ than regular Netflix nights. Cozy up in your pyjamas and go get yourself a tub full of happyness. Let’s give you a scoop on the ultimate way to Netflix and chill!

1. For The Comedy Lovers

If you’re looking for a fun comedy night, then the Baskin Robbins Splish Splash ice cream is perfect for tickling your taste buds. Imagine cozying up on a summer night and watching re-runs of your favourite comedy show or movie. It is a refreshing summer flavour with a Splish of raspberry sherbet and a splash of blueberry sorbet. So giggle away with happyness!


2. For The Romantic In You

Romantic movies leave us doe-eyed, in hope of finding true love someday. From the bittersweet moments to the hilarious ones, they never get old. Planning a rom-com movie night with your gal pals? We can promise you true love in the Baskin Robbins Very Berry Strawberry ice cream that is a wonderful medley of luscious strawberries and rich cow’s milk that’ll make you swoon with happyness!

3. Superhero Movie Night

If you’re the kind of person who loves adventures, then the Baskin Robbins Mint Milk Chocolate ice cream is here to save the day! A superhero movie night isn’t complete without some indulgence. Explore the big bang of flavours with this mint ice cream loaded with chocolate chips that’ll conquer your sweet cravings!

4. Mystery Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? Especially when the mystery unfolds in the comfort of your living room. The Baskin Robbins Mississippi Mud makes this experience even more intense and chilly! We promise you, you’ll be in complete awe with every bit. Spoiler alert: this dark, dense ice cream has bits of delicious brownie pieces.

5. Fantasy Movie Night

If you’re planning a fantasy night, the Baskin Robbins Cotton Candy ice cream is perfect. A dreamy, creamy version of your favourite treat. This flavour takes you back into time. Swirls of pink and purple, with a dash of childhood for an extra dose of happyness!

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