Eat Ice creams for your breakfast

Eat Ice creams for your breakfast

Life is short, eat the ice cream first is the motto that we go by at Baskin Robbins. Having ice cream for breakfast is not only every child’s fantasy but also something that adults dream of. The ‘International Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day’ is one such day when you can forget about the rules and indulge in this fantasy. Let’s have a look at different ways you can incorporate these exquisite scoops of happiness and make breakfast an absolutely lip-smacking affair!

Ice Cream Parfait

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1. Breakfast Ice Cream Parfait

In French, the word parfait means perfect. It sure is perfect! Turn this yummy dessert into a breakfast delight. Blend some frozen medium-ripe bananas and layer it up with some freshly cut berries of your choice, muesli and the Baskin Robbins Banana ‘N Strawberry ice cream. Something feels so right about ice cream for breakfast! So go on, help yourself to this supreme happyness parfait.


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2. Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Is there anything better than a soft, chewy, freshly baked batch of cookies? Yes. Ice cream cookie sandwiches! Bake some simple oatmeal raisin cookies and sandwich the Baskin Robbins Vanilla ice cream between two cookies. This breakfast is sure to get you into a good mood for the rest of your day.

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3. Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats

This recipe is perfect if you’re always in a rush. Easy to make, all you need is some rolled oats, milk, cocoa, peanut butter and a ripe banana. Soak the oats overnight in milk, with the peanut butter, cocoa powder and the mashed banana. Top it up with a dollop of the Baskin Robbins Malted Chocolate Fudge for some early morning happyness!

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4. The Cereal Winner

Love cereal? Love ice cream? Get the best of both worlds on the special occasion of ‘Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day.’ Pair your favourite cereal, be it cocoa puffs, fruit loops or even the humble corn flakes – everything tastes like a creamy dream with the Baskin Robbins Vanilla or Honey Nut Crunch ice cream. Wholesome goodness of 100% cow’s milk is exactly what you need to seize the day!

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