Dessert Mashups for 2018

Dessert Mashups for 2018

It all started with the popular cronut. Dessert mash-ups are here to stay this year. We will never get tired of discovering new, genius hybrid desserts, after all, they combine the best components of two desserts only to give us the best of both worlds! Let’s have a look at some of these exceptional dessert creations.


1. The ‘Townie’

Following the cronut trend, make way for the Townie this year. Can’t decide between a brownie and a tart? The Townie is here to save the day! It is the perfect amalgamation between a gooey brownie and the buttery base of a tart. You know what would go perfectly with the chocolate townie? A scoop of the Baskin Robbins Caramel Choco Chunk ice cream, for a whirlwind of happyness.


Cheesecake Quesadillas

Image Source: Delish

2. Cheesecake Quesadillas

Quesadillas are an all-time Mexican favourite. Now you can have quesadillas for dessert too. As the name suggests, the cheesecake quesadilla is mash-up of cheesecake and quesadillas. What’s not to like about gooey cream cheese between tortilla chips topped with berries of your choice? Serve with the Baskin Robbins Chocoberry Love ice cream, our very own flavour mash-up of lush raspberries and dense chocolate!


Cupcake Shake

3. Cupcake Shake

Can’t choose between a cupcake and a shake? Go grab a cupcake shake. This sinful creation satisfies your sweet cravings all blended into a beverage! To make yourself a chocolate and peanut butter cake shake, blend some whole milk, chocolate cupcakes and add a scoop of the Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter Crunch ice cream. This creamy, dreamy concoction will bring to you heaps of happyness!

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Featured Image Source: Great British Chefs