Baskin Robbins Has A Warm Treat For You This Winter

Baskin Robbins Has A Warm Treat For You This Winter

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ gooey chocolate brownie? Fresh, crumbly on the outside and chewy on the inside. At Baskin Robbins, we introduce irresistibly warm brownies served with the ice cream of your choice and of course, happyness of the warmest kind! So, make way for these delectable brownies that’ll brighten up even the gloomiest winters. Baskin Robbins is your one-stop destination for all your dessert cravings – hot or cold!

1. The Vanilla Affair

Come have a love affair with this gooey chocolate brownie topped with the Baskin Robbins Vanilla ice cream, served with hot fudge or butterscotch sauce. If you’re crazy about the banana-caramel combo, you can even pair it with the Baskin Robbins Banana Caramel ice cream for some additional happyness!

2. The Chocolate Cheer

The Baskin Robbins Chocolate Cheer ice cream is perfect to cheer you up on a dreary day. This ooey-gooey chocolate brownie is every chocolate lover’s paradise. Pair it with the Baskin Robbins Three Cheers Chocolate or the Coffee ice cream and hot fudge or the butterscotch sauce for a dreamy combination of hot and cold. We bet you’ll be cheering loud for this chocolaty wonder!

3. The Belgian Dream

Dreaming of rich Belgian chocolate? At Baskin Robbins, we turn your dream into reality with the Belgian Dream brownie. A medley of warm brownies served with the Baskin Robbins Belgium Bliss, Butterscotch Ribbon or Chocolate ice cream. Who could ever say no to this ridiculously delicious dream?

4. The Bavarian Blast

The Bavarian Blast brownie gives you an explosion of chocolate in every bite, transporting you to chocolate heaven. Choose from a wide range of ice creams right from the Baskin Robbins Bavarian Chocolate to the Baskin Robbins Mint Milk Chocolate. Take your pick and attain chocolate nirvana by sailing through the rivers of hot chocolate fudge!

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