5 Facts About Ice Cream That'll Blow Your Mind

5 Facts About Ice Cream That'll Blow Your Mind

Ice cream, the ultimate marriage of sugar, milk and happyness! It has been a dessert favourite for years, globally. Even if you consider yourself a connoisseur in the ice cream world, we have 5 fun facts about ice cream that’ll blow your mind. Read on for a fun scoop on ice cream!

1. The Waffle Cone Was An Accident

We must say, the ice cream cone was the happyest accident ever! In 1904, an ice cream vendor at The Saint Louis Word’s Fair was selling so much ice cream that he ran out of cups. Luckily, a kind waffle pastry seller came to the rescue by rolling his waffle pastries into a conical shape for serving the ice cream and voila! The waffle cone was born.


2. Who came first: Chocolate or Vanilla?

Ever wondered which flavour was invented first: chocolate or vanilla? You’d be more inclined to think that the vanilla flavour was invented first as vanilla serves as the base flavour for many ice creams. However, the chocolate flavour first came into the picture. Chocolate or vanilla, both give us nothing but happyness at Baskin Robbins!

3. Ice Cream Evolution

The first ice cream is said to have originated in 4th Century B.C. The Roman Emperor Nero made his domestic helpers collect snow and flavour it with honey, fruit and nut toppings. The Emperors of the Tang Dynasty are said to be the first ones to invent a milk-like confection flavoured with camphor and thickened with flour, dipped into an ice pool.

4. Brain Freeze

Ever gotten an ice cream headache by biting into the yummy treat a little too quickly? When something really cold touches the roof of your mouth, the blood vessels that run between your mouth and brain tense up. Try pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth for some warmth so that nothing can come between you and the happyness that ice cream gives you!

5. Ice Cream On A Stick

Can you believe that the ‘ice cream on a stick’ concept was invented by an 11-year-old little boy, by accident? In 1905, Fran Epperson left his cup filled with powdered soda, water and a stirring stick out on the porch. The low temperatures that night, caused the mixture to freeze, creating what is popularly known as the ice lolly today. Rush to the Baskin Robbins store for a range of creamy delights on a stick such as the Baskin Robbins Choco Crackles, Mississippi Mud, Almonds ‘n Caramel and Coffee Almond.

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