4 Flavours of Ice Cream To Satisfy Every Craving

4 Flavours of Ice Cream To Satisfy Every Craving

Certain things in life are simply unavoidable- exams, work stress and breakups! Ice cream is crowned as the quintessential food for all the times you’re low.

Many a times for no reason at all, we crave for a scoop of sweet, indulgent happyness. At Baskin Robbins we’ve got you 4 flavours of ice cream to satisfy every craving & we promise you that you’ll never run out of choice!


A Coffee Lover’s Dream

Coffee lovers & ice cream fanatics now have a reason to rejoice. The Baskin Robbins Coffee Almond ice cream bar is a coffee lover’s fantasy. Rich coffee flavoured ice cream topped with decadent chocolate and almonds. It’s like a sinful cup of coffee, on a stick!



Got A Craving For Something Nutty?

Ever got hit by a sudden unstoppable craving for something nutty and fudgy? The Baskin Robbins Almonds N Caramel ice cream stick is the perfect flavour for you. The crunchiness of the almonds with the smooth contrast of the caramel ice cream will make go head over heels over this treat.



For That Yummy Crunch

In the mood for some crunch? The Baskin Robbins Choco Crackle ice cream stick has a soft, vanilla center with a milk chocolate crust with crunchy rice crispies. This flavour will surely take you back to your childhood.


Take A Trip To Chocolate Paradise

The Baskin Robbins Mississippi Mud is every chocolate lover’s dream come true. Bits of brownie pieces in premium chocolate ice cream with an indulgent chocolate coating. What’s not to love about this flavour?

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